Mongi BIDA is a First Economic Affairs Officer at the UN-ESCWA since 2011 (Energy Section / Sustainable Development Policies Division-SDPD). He works on sustainable energy issues and policies, particularly energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy access and energy security. He joined UN-ESCWA after over twenty years of experience, as a Senior Expert and Professional Engineer, in the fields of sustainable energy and mechanical engineering design. He was involved in the development of many EE & RE policies and programs for Tunisia and conducted the design and commissioning of building HVAC & mechanical systems for several dozens of building construction and retrofit projects. He held the following positions: Head of CEESEN consulting firm (1996-2011), Chief of Mechanical Systems Engineering Section in a large Consultancy firm (1992-95), Project Director / adviser for the VITA-USAID Djibouti Energy Initiatives Project (1989-91), Senior Energy Analyst with W.S. FLEMING & ASSOCIATES - Albany, NY- USA (1988-89).