The forum is a high level international political/ technical forum held every two years under the patronage by H.E. the Secretary General of the League of Arab States and accommodates high level governmental officials, Energy and Electricity Ministers, Head of International and Regional Organizations, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of top Business Firms and Companies in the energy fields and experts from the Arab region and the globe.

Energy markets are dramatically changing due to many factors, out of which are sharp plunge in the oil prices, low growth in the global economy, environmental constrains, technology upscale and new evolving trends that are reshaping the global energy map. The Arab region has always been one of the most important energy players, controlling around 56 % and 27% of Global oil and gas proven reserves respectively. The Arab countries also are located in the solar belt where solar energy resources are abundant. Both the net energy exporting and importing countries in the region are being affected by these recent developments in the global energy markets. Their national energy policies, portfolios and strategies including renewable should be reconsidered to meet such situation, taking into account RE & EE programs, sustainable socio-economic development plans and activities, etc.

The 3rd Arab Forum for RE & EE addresses the current challenges towards future energy market transformation and transition in the Arab region, RE industrial capabilities and the role of private sector in catalyzing the relevant market,

Discussing the future role and impact of RE&EE development at economic, environmental and social levels. The Forum will also highlight the current most recognized positions and strategies towards up-scaling EE programs as well as enhancing RE contribution to the Arab Energy mix, in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN initiative “Sustainable Energy for All-SE4All”.