Prof. Hafez Abdel Aal El-Salmawy, Executive Chairman _ Egypt ERA

Hafezreceived his PhD from Cairo University in 1991. He works as Professor for heat engines at Zagazig University, Egypt. Currently, he is serving as the managing director of the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency, since 2006.
He is the chairman of the Electricity Group in the Association for Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas “MEDREG”. Regarding his professional career, he worked as technical manager for four years in the National Energy Conservation and Environment project (ECEP).
He also worked as Director of Energy efficiency business support in the Energy Efficiency and Green House gases reduction project, for five years.He worked as a senior projects consultant for many international companies for industrial power generation including; ABB, ALSTOM Power and Waukesha (USA) engines.

He participated in many projects as a part of multi-national teams including SDT Canada and Allied consultants.He is a consultant for energy and environment at many United Nations agencies including; UN/DESA, UNEP and UNDP, where he conducted several missions. He worked for two years as a visiting scholar at Ohio State University, USA. He published over 40 scientific papers in many international journals and conferences in addition to several reports and manuals.