Mr. Omar Fadel Abu Eid, EU delegation to Jordan

Omar Fadel Abu Eid is currently working as the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Programme Manager at the EU delegation to Jordan. He joint the EU Delegation in JORDAN in August 2004 as Programme Manager for Environment, then took over the energy portfolio by 2006 and climate change by 2010, and currently managing the energy portfolio with more than 160 million Euro support for green Energy. Mr. Omar worked as Quality Assurance Executive at Danish food Industries Company 1996-1998, and assisted the company to be certified for ISO 9002.  He worked as Assistant Head of Nature Reserves at the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature RSCN 1999-2000 then worked as Head of Nature Reserves RSCN 2000-July 2004 and managed 6 Nature Reserves in Jordan including environmental, social and economic development, developed projects within these reserves, as well as prepared to establish new nature reserves in Jordan. Holds a bachelor of science in agriculture engineering/ Jordan University / 1996.